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UCMS is the college’s student-run music society. The musical scene here at Univ is busy and diverse, and we support groups and individuals looking to play for fun as well as providing opportunities to play in concerts and larger ensembles.


We run the Fidelio Orchestra in collaboration with Merton and Magdalen colleges. The orchestra puts on regular concerts with a great variety of repertoire, and is open to all students across the three colleges. 


We also host regular and well-loved concerts in the Master’s Lodgings every other week during term time. The idea of these is to get people from across the college to perform - they are a really good opportunity to perform in a friendly informal setting. So far this year we’ve had people singing jazz, close harmony ensembles, classical guitar performances and many more. These will be advertised well in advance, and anyone can perform - sign ups will be made obvious.


In conjunction with the JCR Arts rep and Entz team, we help organise/fund open mic and karaoke nights in college. These are hugely fun and really popular events, and there’s no pressure to sing nicely at all!


We also help smaller groups and individuals within the society to explore music, and have funded rehearsal costs and sheet music purchases for ensembles of many kinds. We really want to encourage this kind of thing, and are in the process of ‘matchmaking’ ensembles.


We also have a very popular Chapel Choir, run by our wonderful director of music, Giles Underwood - more information here


Please do reach out to the committee through our Facebook, which is advertised in the JCR Facebook group. We’re always happy to talk about musical ideas and help music at Univ flourish.


Flora Wilson - President UCMS (2022-23)



Jocasta Bird

Master's Lodging Rep

Claire Gordon-Brown


Flora Wilson

Fidelio Orchestra rep

Natalie Tsang


Position Vacant

Open Mic/Karaoke rep

Position Vacant

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