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The JCR welfare officers

The Welfare Officers are students that are able to offer a listening ear at any time. Their job is to help you navigate the welfare provision available to you and may refer you to people who are equipped to handle your specific concerns. They also actively seek feedback about the welfare system and introduce initiatives to tackle problem areas. Concerns about how your welfare issues have been handled or complaints about the support you've received are handled by them.

They are listed on the committee page

Peer Supporters

The College Peer Support Programme consists of Univ students who are trained and overseen by a member of staff at the University Counselling Service. They have received training to enable them to listen effectively, communicate sensitively, maintain confidentiality, respect boundaries and recognise when and how to encourage referral to professional support services.

The peer supporters can be found here or on posters around college

Jo Hoskins

Jo Hoskins is available as a first point of contact for students who might want to talk to a member of staff about any issue affecting their welfare. Jo also coordinates the implementation of support for disabled students in college. She can talk to you about your situation, help you to decide if you would like to make a formal disclosure of disability and guide you through the disclosure process. Disabilities take many forms and you can learn more about eligibility for support here: 

She can be contacted on her email or found in her office on the ground floor corridor of 10 Merton Street - 'Academic Affairs Office'

The Lodge & Junior Deans

The Lodge is staffed 7am-11pm, 7 days a week for most of the year. Porters are trained in first-aid, and should be contacted immediately after 999 in an emergency so they can direct emergency services. The Lodge number is 01865 276602

The Junior Deans are a group of graduate students on main site and Stavs, the 2nd year accommodation annexe, available to contact when a persons safety or welfare is cause for concern or when you want a short term resolution with another student such as with a niose complaint.

The current Junior Deans are:

Melvin Obadha (

Sameer Bhat (

Alicia Jia (

Nicole Law (

Dixa Thakrar (

They can be contacted by speaking to the lodge porters, who will contact the junior dean on duty

Harrasment Advisors

Any student or member of staff who feels they are, or may be, being harassed may contact one or more of the Harassment Advisors. In addition, a number of college staff have received formal training from OSARCC in responding to disclosures of sexual violence, including the harassment advisors.

The current harassment advisors are:

Sarah Harper

Trevor Sharp

College Counsellor

Marigold Brown is a trained psychotherapeutic counsellor and staff member of the University Counselling Service, who will be on-site and available to see Univ students for prebooked appointments on Wednesdays in term-time (12 – 4pm, weeks 0 – 9). During term, students can contact Marigold by email to arrange an appointment.

To arrange an appointment, send an email to

College Nurse

The College Nurse surgery is on the ground floor of Kybald House. The Nurse may be reached by email ( or by phone (01865 276605, or 76605 if calling from the college and university internal telephone network). Students may contact Victoria by email in the first instance and she will endeavour to reply within 48 hours. Surgery hours (term-time only, weeks 1-8) are usually Monday 8.30am – 12.30pm and Friday 1pm - 4pm. The Nurse works for other colleges during term-time and may be able to offer appointments at alternative times at one of these other colleges.

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