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Student Societies

At Univ, there are many student societies run for members of the college to fulfil many different potential interests. If you have an interest in joining any of these societies, you can get in touch with the listed contact for the society of interest and find out how you can get involved. Please note that these are only the college societies. There are many more accessible to all university members that can be found here

1979 Society

Shilpi Nanda

The 1979 Society runs to support and empower all women and non-binary students at Univ. We aim to create a feminist community that all students are welcome to, through events ranging from film nights to discussion panels and visits to local businesses.

Baking Society

Izara Williams

A small society for anyone who fancies a bit of baking and some free cake. Open to everyone (from all colleges) but is Univ-based. Feel free to join the group and sign up to any upcoming events!

Short for the Bevington Society, BevSoc exists for PPE students, although often opens it doors to all students for fun events.

Christian Union

Ben Watson

The Univ CU aims to hold events in college discussing Christianity and ethics from a Christian perspective, as well as holding weekly Bible studies for existing CU members

Corallian Society

Lewis Croager

The Corallian Society is one formed for those studying Earth Sciences and related courses at University College, new Earth Science undergraduates are automatically a part of the society. We meet a few times a year for events such as bottle count and the Corallian Dinner, a formal in honour of the society.

Eldon Society

Kate Whitaker

The Eldon Society is the society for Law students at Univ. We organise events ranging from law firm presentations and networking dinners, to advice sessions and pizza parties. Ultimately, we aim to support the study of Law at Univ, and to create a community that all Univ lawyers can feel a part of and welcome in.

Games Society

Lucy Rawlinson

The University College Board Games Society is a group of intelligent and sociable students dedicated to playing, participating in, and otherwise experiencing board and card games of every variety. From cooperative to competitive, you can try them all! We are led by Lucy, the President, and Dominic Seymour, Vice-president and by the founder of this society, Bob.

Music Society

Tom Campbell

See more at

Poker Society

Ned Stevenson

Univ's poker society meets weekly for no stakes, casual games of texas holdem poker. Drop by the JCR on Monday evenings from 7:30 to join in. There's no need for any experience at poker, as the regulars and I are all more than happy to each you the game

Scot Soc

Euan Huey

Socialist Society

Alex Walker

A political discussion group dedicated to introducing and debating Marxist political theory, classic and modern, for members of Univ. All levels of knowledge and a range of political views welcome, whether you're a studied Leninist or the reincarnation of Joseph McCarthy. SocSoc for short. Flagship discussions every week in term, socials as announced.

Spender Society

Julian Wang

Univ Players

Nina Lewis

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