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What happens in a JCR meeting?

JCR meetings are the main way most students are actively involved in Univ student democracy and have a few key components. One such part is the proposal and voting upon of motions – for example, a motion to fund a student project could be proposed and voted upon. The second is elections or hustings (in cases where voting takes place later), where students can put themselves forward to become part of the committee. JCR meetings also come along with free pizza for attendees to enjoy! You can find out more about JCR meetings, including standing orders and our election timetable, in the "JCR Documents" page, through the navigation.

What is the JCR (place) like?

The JCR is a lively and comfortable space, hosting our meetings, welfare teas and much more. We have a piano, foosball table, TV & consoles, as well as many comfy places to sit (including our new "Welfare Corner")!

What is the JCR?

The "JCR", or "Junior Common Room", is a term with two meanings, the first being the body of undergraduate members of a college, and the second being the physical room in college reserved for use by JCR members.
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