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Univ has a thriving Chapel Choir run by our Director of Music, Giles Underwood. More information about everything, and how to audition, can be found here on the main college website.


We sing one service every week, an evensong on Sunday. Everyone in the choir gets free signing lessons during term, and pizza on Sunday after the service. The choral scholars also run a close-harmony chamber group separately (email me if you’re interested!)


In the last year, we’ve been on tour to Tuscany (in which we sang in the Episcopalian church in Florence) and have sung in two concerts in collaboration with the professional Martlet ensemble, with repertoire including: 


Bennett, A Farewell to Arms; 

Panufnik, All Shall be Well; 

Arbo, Crossing the Bar; 

Vaughan Williams, Psalm 23; 

McDowall, Standing as I do before God; 

Sullivan, The long day closes; 

Vaughan Williams, Shakespeare songs; 

Paulus, The Road Home; 

Hagenburg, A Farewell; 

trad. arr Richards, Le Baylère;


Joining the choir is one of the best ways to make friends across year groups too, and arguably the most social community to be in at Univ - we get to go to formals through the year (Christmas is always a highlight) and do lots of socials both on our own and with other choirs. There was also a big university-wide choir football tournament last year, which we’re hoping to repeat this year with more success (we didn’t win any matches…) 


Flora Wilson – unsuccessful footballer and social secretary

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