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Motion for the purchase of mugs for the JCR kitchenette

Proposed by:

Seconded by:

Date proposed:

Alexander Walker

Theresa Martlmüller

Votes for:

Votes against:

Votes abstaining:


This JCR notes that:

  • There is a lack of mugs in the JCR kitchenette.

  • This makes it inconvenient to make coffee or tea, of which the JCR is kept stocked.

  • Some JCR members may have spare mugs they are willing to donate.

  • The contingency budget has money in it.

This JCR believes that:

  • Ceramic mugs may be nicked or broken, so if mugs are bought, they ought to be reusable plastic.

  • About ten mugs would be enough for the JCR to share.

This JCR resolves to:

  • Require the Services Czar, after their election this week, to seek donations from JCR members.

  • Authorise the use of up to £15 from the contingency fund for the purchase of reusable plastic mugs by the Services Czar, if donations fail to generate sufficient mugs (ten or more).


The votes for and against were not recorded. The motion passed

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