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Motion for the changing of the standing orders

Proposed by:

Seconded by:

Date proposed:

Alexander Walker

Ben Solomons

Votes for:


Votes against:


Votes abstaining:



This motion is the first this year of a few designed to bring the standing orders in line with actual practice, as well as some general tidying up and clarification. Splitting the motions ensures scrutiny can be given to any changes which cause disagreement. This week, it should be relatively uncontroversial, though members are reminded of their right to request that a motion be amended, or taken in parts, if they find some section in particular to be disagreeable. The bulk of the motion is simply listing the relevant clauses and changes being made. Also attached is a version of the standing orders as they would appear after these changes are enacted. Future motions may include rewriting of some sections, as well as further tweaks. If you notice anything in the standing orders which doesn’t make sense and so on, please let me or someone else on the executive know! It may not have been caught yet, and we can make sure to include it on the next motion, or you can submit a motion yourself.

This JCR notes that the current standing orders:

  • are not in line with actual practices in the JCR.

  •  are internally inconsistent in places, on both practice and terminology. 

  • still make use of gendered language in many places.

  • have occasional spelling or grammar errors.

This JCR believes that:

  • JCR publications should avoid gendered language.

  • It is helpful for JCR publications to use consistent spelling, formatting, and grammar within a single document. 

This JCR resolves to make the following changes to the standing orders:

  • Gendered language → gender-neutral language. Generally s/he → they, his/her→ their etc; ◦ B.3.i ◦ B.3.ii ◦ ◦ B.3.vii ◦ B.3.viii ◦ B.3.xi ◦ B.3.xiv ◦ B.3.xvi ◦ B.5.i ◦ B.5.iii ◦ B.5.iv ◦ B.5.vii ◦ B.5.ix ◦ ◦ D.1.vii ◦ D.1.x ◦ ◦ D.3.ix ◦ D.3.xiii ◦ D.3.xv ◦ D.4.viii ◦ D.5.i ◦ D.5.ii ◦ D.5.iv ◦ ◦ D.7.iii ◦ E.3.ii ◦ F.3.iv ◦ F.3.v ◦ ◦ F.3.x ◦ F.3.xiv ◦ F.3.xv ◦ F.3.xviii ◦ H.1.i.k ◦ H.9.i.b ◦ H.9.iii ◦ H.13.ii.h ◦ H.13.xii(.b/.b/.d/.e/.f)

  • “D.4 Campaigning for executive positions” — change D.4 → D.3, correcting the numbering.

  • Formatting ◦ Inconsistent spacing after index. Bring in line with the rest. ▪ H.13 ▪ H.12.ii ◦ H.13.i — Remove colon after “Czar” and adding “They shall” to the start of .a,.b,.c. ◦ H.13.iii.c — insert “they shall” before “Development Committee”. ◦ H.13.ix — insert “They shall” before each paragraph ◦ H.13.xiv — replace “to” with “they shall” at the start of each paragraph. ◦ Appendix I — rename “Appendix A” in line with I.1.iv.

  • Spelling/Grammar ◦ — add a comma after “if”, before “within”. ◦ D.5.iv— the candidate → a candidate, in the first line. D.5.x — Remove “either after”, insert “once” in the same place, remove “or when”, insert “and” in the same place.

  • Appendix A — Remove “points 32-38 of the JCR constitution”, replace with “these standing orders” in the same place.

  • F.1.i — add brackets around JCC and insert “Joint Consultative Committee” before this.

  • Points concerning discrepancies in current practice with the standing orders ◦ Name of LGBTQ+ rep, in line with the current way the position is referred to. ▪ H.7.i.d—LGBT→LGBTQ+, ▪ LGBTQ →LGBTQ+ • C.2.i.d • H.13.vii (also .a,.b,.c) ◦ C.1.i.j — “Bar” → “Accommodation” ◦ D.1.iii.a — “Common Room” → “Services” ◦ H.7.d, H.13.iv.b — “Ethnic Minorities” → Racial Equality ◦ H.10.i.d — remove paragraph entirely, relabel. ◦ Entz ▪ C.1.i.i — add “and bar” ▪ D.1.iii — remove reference to 3 Entz reps, add “and bar” ▪ — remove Entz from this paragraph ▪ H.9.i.a — remove reference to Entz reps ▪ H.9.iii — remove reference to Entz reps ▪ H.9.iv — remove reference to Entz reps ▪ H.13.xii.f — “Hall” → “Entz”. Assassin-in-chief; Now follows the resolution of the JCR from 25 April, 2021, that is Wk1 TT21, creating the position of Assassin-in-chief. It should not be read as part of this motion, as it has already been passed by the JCR. • “This JCR resolves to: ◦ I. Create the Independent position of Assassin in Chief. ◦ II. It is their job to: ▪ A. Organise and run an annual UNIV Assassins game to be held in MT or early HT ▪ B. Liaise with the JCR Treasurer to have a small budget (£30-50) with which to buy a prize for the winner, update the trophy with the winner’s name, and spend on any props they would like to run their game with. ◦ III. The position may be held by two people ◦ IV. The position is to be elected in the 3rd week meeting of HT (however is to be elected next meeting on this first occasion) “ ▪ — adding this paragraph, describing the position of Assassin-in-chief: • “Assassin-in-chief ◦ The Assassin-in-chief will organise and run an annual UNIV Assassins game to be held in MT or early HT . ◦ They will liaise with the JCR VP/Treasurer to have a small budget (£30-50) with which to buy a prize for the winner, update the trophy with the winner’s name, and spend on any props they would like to run their game with. ◦ The position may be held by two people; they shall be regarded as equal with respect to these standing orders.” ▪ C.2.iv — add both Univ Armourer and Assassin-in-chief, as e and f resp. ▪ D.1.iii — add both Univ Armourer and Assassin-in-chief, to be elected in Wk3 Hilary • D.6 — insert between first and second paragraph “The quorum for extraordinary JCR meetings shall be set at thrice the number of Executive committee members.”. This is in accordance with the current state of the constitution. • D.1.i/.iii — underlining those positions not taken up immediately after election in accordance with D.1.i . 

This JCR also resolves that: 

  • All future versions of the standing orders should use gender-neutral language.

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