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Motion to amend the constitution to allow induction of honorary JCR members via referendum

Proposed by:

Seconded by:

Date proposed:

Sam Williamson

Alexander Walker

Votes for:


Votes against:


Votes abstaining:


This JCR notes that:

  • Currently honorary members can only be inducted via a vote in a JCR meeting.

  • This is laid out in the Constitution of Univ JCR in Article II, VI.

  • JCR meetings traditionally follow a set schedule, running fortnightly mostly for the first two terms, and extraordinary meetings aim to be minimised in the interest of time.

This JCR believes that:

  • Commonly honorary membership is bestowed to sportspeople to allow them to compete on Univ teams.

  • This is often done in circumstances that render it a time sensitive occurrence (e.g., in advance of an important game).

  • With the improved voting methods now available, virtual referendums can be run anonymously, securely and quicker than in person referendums.

  • Making honorary members able to be inducted by referendum would mean that it could be done without requiring a full meeting to be called, thereby saving time for students.

This JCR resolves to:

  • Amend the constitution to allow honorary members to be inducted by referendum, which can be run remotely using a voting system agreed with the Returning Officer.

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