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Motion to reimburse missing stash from MT2020

Proposed by:

Seconded by:

Date proposed:

Anneka Pink

Sam Williamson

Votes for:


Votes against:


Votes abstaining:


This JCR notes that:

  • Many items of clothing from the Michaelmas 2020 stash order did not arrive or were not received; for instance all Small Navy Fleeces and a large number of Men’s Black Puffers

  • The company used for the stash order would not issue refunds and therefore members of the JCR are still yet to receive refunds

  • This was an isolated case and stash orders since have run smoothly

This JCR believes that:

  • Since the order was organised by the former JCR stash rep, and the JCR’s purpose is to ensure the wellbeing of its members (financial or otherwise), the JCR should step in to refund those who never received their stash

  • Reimbursing members of the JCR for their stash would also repair trust with elected JCR reps

  • The money should come from the contingency fund, and allow everyone to be refunded 50% initially, in the hope that everyone will be able to be refunded fully if possible with JCR finances

This JCR resolves to:

  • Reimburse members of the JCR for the stash they did not receive

  • Do this by withdrawing £500 from the contingency fund

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