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Motion to sign anti-drink-spiking open letter

Proposed by:

Seconded by:

Date proposed:

Toni Ledda

Immy Hill-Norris

Votes for:


Votes against:


Votes abstaining:


This JCR Notes that: 

  • The UK, including oxford has seen a rise to drink spikings 

  • The open letter this motion proposes the UNIV JCR signs was written pre-pandemic, working with Thames Side Police, by Holly Housden, a 4th year at St. Hildas

This JCR Believes that:

  • Drink spiking is a major issue

  • UNIV JCR should show solidarity in Anti-Drink-Spiking campaigns

  • Signing the attached open letter would show solidarity for Anti-Drink-Spiking campaigns

This JCR resolves to:

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