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Motion for honorary members

Proposed by:

Seconded by:

Date proposed:

Josh Grier

Ollie Poole

Votes for:


Votes against:


Votes abstaining:


This JCR notes that:

  • In previous years the JCR has made former Univites, who are still around in Oxford, honorary members of the JCR so that they can play for our sports teams. These Univites are those who have considerably contributed to and enriched the club during their time.

  • Ruairi Clayton, Daniel Spivey, William McCreery and Ethan Hardman are former univites, who have left in the past couple of years

  • They are experienced rugby players, who have significantly contributed to Univ RFC. Having them in the squad would make us much more confident of being able to put out a full team for each match.

  • In order for a ringer (associate of the college) to play in cuppers games they must be made an honorary member of the JCR.

This JCR believes that:

  • With these players in our squad, we will have enough players to comfortably compete in the tournament, along with a high level of leadership and experience to improve the team’s game and represent the college to the best ability possible.

This JCR resolves to:

  • Make Ruairi Clayton, Daniel Spivey, William McCreery and Ethan Hardman honorary members of the JCR.

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