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All undergraduate students are members of the JCR, or 'Junior Common Room'. This title denotes both the student body, and the room in college which serves as a hub for social activities and a meeting place for the undergraduate student body. JCR Meetings are held fortnightly and give students the chance to discuss their opinions. Everyone is warmly encouraged to attend, and free pizza is always on offer.

President's Welcome

Welcome to Univ JCR!


My name is Ardeel (he/him), I'm a second year PPE student from Birmingham. I will be your JCR President for the academic year.
First of all, a huge congratulations to each of you for earning a place here at Univ. The University and tutors here at Univ have recognised great academic potential and achievement within you and I hope you are all proud and excited as you embark on your journey here at Oxford.
I imagine you are feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness as you prepare to start university and move into Univ but that is very normal. Just know that no matter your background and interests, there is a place for you in our very friendly and close knit Univ community. University can come with challenges particularly with living independently, however the JCR and College are aware of this and have support in place to make this transition as easy and smooth as possible
My job as President is to be the JCR's chief representative to College, working to enhance life at College for all members of the JCR by representing students' views to College staff. I also oversee the JCR Committee who work hard to run events and ensure everything runs smoothly for you.
An important part of my role as President is to be available and open to all JCR members to help address worries and problems. Now that each of you are part of JCR this extends to you! Even if I can't directly solve something, I can definitely refer you to someone who can. You can reach me at or I look forward to meeting you all in October!







Univ actively opposes and deplores racist and other discriminatory behaviour and language and has made a commitment to be proactive in working to ensure that our principles of equality, diversity, inclusion, and tolerance are reflected in our practice.

You can help make Univ a more welcoming and inclusive community by sharing your experience. Reports of discriminatory behaviour personally experienced or witnessed are especially welcome as are any thoughts and suggestions for how to make Univ a more inclusive place.

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